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A guide to correct formal wear etiquette

Morning Suit Occasions

It is very popular nowadays for wedding couples to have the dress code “morning suit” for guests. It uplifts the style of the wedding at no extra cost to the wedding couple. It is very stylish and ideal for morning and afternoon weddings.

Morning Suits should be black or grey but navy and brown are also acceptable. A grey stripe morning trouser and black waistcoat is also acceptable but grey is more usual these days. Other coloured or patterned waistcoats are ever more popular and most acceptable.

Shirts: For formal wear white or neatly stripped featuring classic collar and double cuffs. A brighter stripe maybe substituted for weddings and less formal occasions. Standard collar is more correct but wing collar is appropriate when worn with a cravat. Evening shirts are not to be worn with morning suits.

Tie: Grey silk check or stripe. Club and regimental ties are worn if the co-ordinate with the outfit. Wear a cravat of similar colour if your shirt has a wing collar. Bowties are not worn with morning wear.

Socks: Black silk or fine cotton is recommended.

Shoes: Black only preferably lace up.

Gloves: In black or grey kid or cotton to match the waistcoat.

Hat: Top hat only. Colour matches waistcoat or tailcoat.

Evening Wear with Dinner Suit/Tuxedo

A classic double-breasted evening suit is considered the classic dinner jacket however the current trend is a more fashionable single breasted button-3 evening suit. The choice is simply personal taste. However double breasted does seem to look more formal. The classic dinner jacket is worn with a Marcella collar and matching double cuff. Other popular evening shirts are a ribbed or pleated from available in a wing collar and classic. If the buttons are used they are normally hidden with a fly front.


Tie: Black silk bows are always acceptable especially at formal affairs. For more lively functions anything goes and you have a wonderful selection at Hennessys.

Cummerbund: Should be pleated with a small pocket in the pleat. Usually the cummerbund matches the bowtie. Cummerbunds or waistcoats look well when worn over shirts with laid on fronts they successfully bridge the gap between the bottom of the shirts front and the trouser band.

Waistcoats: For very formal occasions your waistcoat should be made from a similar fabric to the suit or from a black satin. For less formal occasions any design is acceptable whether with a black tie or one to match the waistcoat.

Socks: As for morning dress.

Shoes: As for full morning dress.

Handkerchief: White silk or a design to match your cummerbund and bowtie.

Scarf: White silk with the hand knotted fringe.